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  • Kayaba,
  • Kawasaki,
  • Bosch Rexroth,
  • Danfoss,
  • Eaton,
  • Char Lynn,
  • Parker,
  • Linde,
  • Haldex,
  • Nabco,
  • Mottrol,
  • Toshiba
  • Permco,
  • Vickers,
  • Zexel,
  • Uchida,
  • and others.

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  • Kawasaki main hydraulic pumps and parts: K3SP36C, K3V45DT, K3V63DT, K3V112DT, K3V140DT, K3V180DT, K3V280DT, K3V45BDT, K3V63BDT, K3V112BDT, K3V140BDT, K3V180BDT, K3V280BDT, K5V140, K5V200, NV64, NV84, NV90, NV111, NV137, NV172, NV270, NX15, NVK45, KVC925, KVC930, KVC93
  • Nachi main pumps and parts: PVD-2B-32L, PVD-2B-34, PVD-2B-34L, PVD-2B-36L, PVD-2B-38, PVD-2B-40, PVD-2B-42, PVD-2B-63, PVD-00B, PVD-0B, PVD-1B, PVD-3B-60L, NACHI 130, PVK-2B-505
  • KAYABA(KYB) hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors: MSG-27P, MSG-27-18F-5, MSG-44P, MSG-44P-21, MAG-10VP, MAG-33VP-480E-2, MAG-33VP-480E-2, JMV45-28, JMV-53/34, JMV-53-01-VBC, PSVD2-21E, PSVD2-26E, PSVD2-27E, SUMITOMO 280, PSV2-55T, PSV2-60T.

  • Kawasaki hydraulic motors and parts: M2X63, M2X96, M2X120, M2X146, M2X150/170, M2X210, M5X130, M5X180, MX150, MX173, MX500, MAG150, MAG170, GM05VL, GM06VL, GM05VA, GM07VA, GM08VA, GM09VA, GM10VA, GM17VA, GM18VA, GM20VA, GM23, GM24VA, GM28VA, GM28VL, GM30H, GM35VA, GM35VL, GM38VA, GM38VL.

  • Linde hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors and parts: HPR75, HPR90, HPR100, HPR105, HPR130, HPR160, B2PV35, B2PV50, B2PV75, B2PV105, BPV35, BPV50, BPV70, BPV100, BMV7527, BMV35, BMV55, BMV75, BMV105, BPR140, BPR186, BPR260, HMF50, HPV55T, BMF35, BMF55, BMF75, BMF105, BMF140, HMF63-01, MPR63, HPV130-01

  • Sauer-Danfoss hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors and partsPV19, PV20, PV21, PV22, PV23, PV24, PV25, PV26, PV27, MF19, MF20, MF21, MF22, MF23, MF24, MF25, MF26, MF27, PVD45, PVM018, PVM028, MF035, MF500, MPV046, 90R030, 90R042, 90R055, 90R075, 90R100, 90R130, 90R180, 90R250, PV42-28/41, MPT35, MPT44, MFO35, OPV1-23, SPV15, SPV18, SPV6/119.
  • EATON hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors and parts3321, 3331, 3322, 4621, 4631, 5421, 5431, 6421, 6423, 7620, 7621, 3932-243, 72400, 78461, 78462, 78463, MKV23, MKV33.

  • Parker hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors and partsPVP16, PV180, BMHQ30, PVXS130, PVXS180, PVXS250, PVSO250
  • Uchida  hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors and partsAP2D9, AP2D12, AP2D14, AP2D16, AP2D21, AP2D25, AP2D36, AP2D38, AP2D42, A10VD17, A10VD40, A10V43, A10VD71, A8VO55, A8VO80, A8VO107, A8VO160, A8VO250, A8V55, A8V86, A8V115, A8V172
  • TOSHIBA hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors and partsSG02, SG025, SG04, SG08, SG12, SG15, SG17, SG20, SG25, MFB40, MFB80, MFB150, MFB160, MFB170, MFB180, MFB190, MFB200, MFB250, HD450V-2, DH07, DH08, DH55.
  • Bosch Rexroth hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors and parts: A4VSO40, A4V40, A4VSO45, A4VSO50, A4VSO56, A4VSO71, A4VSO125, A4VSO180, A4VSO250, A4VSO355, A4VSO500, A4VG28, A4VG40, A4VG45, A4VG50, A4VG56, A4V56, A4V71, A4V90, A4V125, A4V250, A4VHW90, A4VG71, A4VTG71, A4VTG90, A4VG125, A4VG180, A4VG250, A10VSO10, A10VSO16, A10VSO18, A10VSO28, A10VSO45, A10VSO56, A10VSO60, A10VO60, A10VO63, A10VSO71, A10VSO85, A10VSO100, A10VSO140, A10VG28, A10VG45, A10VG63, A10VSO63, A10V63, A11VG50, A11VO50, A11VO60, A11VO75, A11VO90, A11VO95, A11VO130, A11VO160, A11V0190, A11VLO190, A11VO250, A11VO260, A2F12, A2F23, A2VK28, A2F28, A2F55, A2F80, A2F107, A2F160, A2F200, A2F225, A2V225, A2F250, A2V500, A2V915, A2F355, A2F500, A2F1000, A2FO10, A2FO12, A2FO16, A2FO23, A2FO28, A2FO32, A2FO45, A2FO56, A2FO63, A2FO80, A2FO107, A2FO125, A2FO160, A2FO180, A2FO200, A2FO250, A2FO355, A2FO500, A2FO1000, A2FM10, A2FM12, A2FM16, A2FM23, A2FM28, A2FM32, A2FM45, A2FM56, A2FM63, A2FM80, A2FM107, A2FM125, A2FM160, A2FM180, A2FM200, A2FM250, A2FM355, A2FM500, A2FM1000, A2FE10, A2FE12, A2FE16, A2FE23, A2FE28, A2FE32, A2FE45, A2FE56, A2FE63, A2FE80, A2FE107, A2FE125, A2FE160, A2FE180, A2FE200, A2FE250, A2FE355, A2FE500, A2FE1000, A7V55, A8V55, A7V80, A8V80, A7V107, A8V107, A7V160, A8V160, A7V200, A8V200, A7V225, A8V225, A7V250, A8V250, A7V355, A8V355, A7V500, A8V500, A7V1000, A8V1000, A6VM12, A6VM28, A6VM55, A6VM80, A6VM107, A6VM160, A6VM200, A6VM250, A6VM355, A6VM500, A6VM1000, A6VE12, A6VE28, A6VE55, A6VE80, A6VE107, A6VE160, A6VE200, A6VE250, A6VE355, A6VE500, A6VE1000, A7VO12, A7VO28, A7VO55, A7VO80, A7VO107, A7VO160, A7VO172, A7VO200, A7VO250, A7VO355, A7VO500, A8VO55, A8VO80, A8VO107, A8VO160, A8VO200, A8VO250.

  • VICKERS hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors and partsPVE19, PVE21, PVH57, PVH74, PVH98, PVH106, PVH131, PVH141, PVB5, PVB6, PVB10, PVB15, PVB20, PVB29, PVB45, PVQ40/50, PVB92, PVB110, SPV14, SPV15, SPV18, PVP76, PV0087, PV092, PV29, PV74, P76, PVG130, PSV450, PSV600, PVT38, PK100, PVXS130, PVXS180, PVXS250, PVSO250, PV250, PMT14/18, PV090

If make or model is not listed, please feel free to email us.

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All manufacturers names, symbols, descriptions and part numbers are used for reference purpose only and does not imply that any part listed is the product of these manufacturers.