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  • Main hydraulic pump
  • hydraulic motor
  • travel motor
  • swing reduction gearbox
  • piston pump
  • hydraulic cylinder
  • main control valve

Hydraulic swing motor and gearbox assemblies for Daewoo Doosan hydraulic excavators.           

  • Doosan excavator DH130 hydraulic swing motor 2401-6027.       
  • Doosan excavator DH130-II hydraulic swing motor Y23700514 RG06D19A1 2401-9133.     
  • Doosan excavator DH170 hydraulic swing motor 2401-9159B 2404-1051C.      
  • Doosan excavator DH200 hydraulic swing motor 2401-9035.       
  • Doosan excavator DH220LC hydraulic swing motor 2401-9099C 2404-1051C 2401-9035.     
  • Doosan excavator DH280 hydraulic swing motor 2401-9065A 2401-6002 2401-6117 2402-1034C MFB200-009 RG15S-202-02.  
  • Doosan excavator DH320 hydraulic swing motor MFB250-007 RG20S-196-02.      
  • Doosan excavator DH450 hydraulic swing motor 2401-9418.       
  • Doosan excavator S130-3 hydraulic swing motor 2401-9139 630006D01.      
  • Doosan excavator S130LC-V hydraulic swing motor 2401-9247A 630006D07.      
  • Doosan excavator S140LC-V hydraulic swing motor 401-00003B 404-00062.      
  • Doosan excavator S170-3 hydraulic swing motor 2401-9159C 2404-1051C.      
  • Doosan excavator S170LC-V hydraulic swing motor 401-00086A 404-00017C.      
  • Doosan excavator S175LC-V hydraulic swing motor 401-00086B 404-00017H.      
  • Doosan excavator S220LC-V hydraulic swing motor K9000352 630010D10 2401-9284A 2404-1063B 401-00086A 2404-1063J 401-00086B. 
  • Doosan excavator S220LL swing motor 37T2C021N1011 630010D10 2401-9284 24044-1063E 2401-9284A 2404-1063G 401-00086A 2404-1063I.
  • Doosan excavator S220LC-3 hydraulic swing motor 2401-9159C 2404-1054C.      
  • Doosan excavator S225LL hydraulic swing motor 401-00086A 2404-1063J 401-00086B 2404-1063K.    
  • Doosan excavator S225LC-V hydraulic swing motor 401-00391 2404-1063J K1004160A.     
  • Doosan excavator S225NLC-V hydraulic swing motor 401-00086B 2404-1063J.      
  • Doosan excavator S250LC-V hydraulic swing motor 401-00126A 2101-1025I.      
  • Doosan excavator S255LC-V hydraulic swing motor 401-00352 2101-1025K.      
  • Doosan excavator S280LC-3 swing motor 2401-9141 2302-9003A 2401-9141A 2402-1034K 2401-9141B 2401-9141C 2101-1025E 2101-1025D.
  • Doosan excavator S290LC-V hydraulic swing motor 2401-9242 2101-1025E 2101-1025G 2101-1025I 2401-9242B 2101-1025J.  
  • Doosan excavator S290LL hydraulic swing motor 2401-9242 2101-1025E 2101-1025G 2101-1025H 2101-1025I 2401-9242B.  
  • Doosan excavator S300LL hydraulic swing motor 401-00230 404-00096A.      
  • Doosan excavator S300LC-V hydraulic swing motor 401-00230 404-00089B 401-00457B 401-00224G 404-00096B.   
  • Doosan excavator S330LC-V hydraulic swing motor 2401-9291 2401-9279A.      
  • Doosan excavator S330LC-V hydraulic swing motor 2401-9309A 404-00094.      
  • Doosan excavator S330LC-V hydraulic swing motor 2401-9309A 404-00094A.      
  • Doosan excavator S330-3 hydraulic swing motor 2401-9214 RG20S-196-02.      
  • Doosan excavator S340LC-V hydraulic swing motor 2401-9309A 404-00094 404-00094A.     
  • Doosan excavator S400LC-V hydraulic swing motor 2401-9291 2401-9290 2401-9309A 2401-9290A 404-00095.   
  • Doosan excavator S400LC-3 hydraulic swing motor 2401-9166A RG20S-220-06.      
  • Doosan excavator S420LC-V hydraulic swing motor 2401-9309A 2401-9290A 404-00095.     
  • Doosan excavator S450LC-V hydraulic swing motor 2401-9304B 2404-6010I.      
  • Doosan excavator S450LC-3 hydraulic swing motor 2401-9202 RG08S-168-06 2401-9202A 2401-9304.    
  • Doosan excavator S470LC-V hydraulic swing motor 2401-9304C 2404-6010J.      
  • Doosan excavator S500LC-V hydraulic swing motor 2401-9304C 2404-6010J.

Mini excavators Daewoo Doosan aftermarket, OEM and original swing motors and reduction assemblies.

  • Doosan excavator DH50 hydraulic swing motor 2401-6250 2401-1165.      
  • Doosan mini excavator S55 hydraulic swing motor 2401-9255 2101-9002A 2401-9255B 2401-9002C 2401-9255G.   
  • Doosan mini excavator S55-V hydraulic swing motor 401-00307B 404-00084.      
  • Doosan mini excavator S70-3 hydraulic swing motor 2401-9151 2404-9007 2401-9227.     
  • Doosan mini excavator S75-V hydraulic swing motor 401-00403 2404-9007.      
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Daewoo Doosan aftermarket parts hydraulic pump final drive motor

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